Most residents of Albany County get their drinking water from the Laramie River and from wells drawing water from the Casper Aquifer east of town. Unlike many communities in the US and the world, we’re incredibly lucky to be able to drink “upstream from the herd,” and we enjoy high quality water with minimal treatment.

But groundwater can be polluted by surface activity – septic systems, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, spills of toxic materials, etc. The Albany County Commissioners currently are considering stronger regulations to protect water quality in the Casper Aquifer. These are good regulations and the commissioners need to hear your support!

The regulations will be issued for a 45-day public comment period after the County Commissioners’ meeting on Sept. 7.  The message is simple: Please pass the stronger aquifer protection regulations! It would be great to add another comment or two as to why you personally think this is important.

Comment NOW on the Albany County Commissioners’ comment page.