Aquifer Protection Regulations

In 2019, a former Albany County Commission and County Attorney allowed reactivation of a gas station in the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone (APOZ), which now means that 33,000 gallons of fuel sit on top of our drinking water aquifer, day in, day out.

Since then, Albany County Clean Water Advocates (ACCWA) has worked hard for stronger aquifer protection regulations. ACCWA saw many of its suggestions realized when a majority of the new (post-2020 election) Albany County Commission enacted regulations that were both stricter and clearer.

Local property owners with land inside the APOZ have now challenged the stricter regulations, alleging procedural and substantive issues. ACCWA has sought legal advice and strongly believes that the allegations are without merit, and that the most fruitful way forward will be to continue its education and advocacy efforts while Albany County defends its position.

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