Albany County Clean Water Advocates (ACCWA) will present information on the re-opening of the former Tumbleweed Express gas station at a community meeting on Wednesday, July 24, at 7 pm in the Albany County Public Library meeting room.

The former gas station is located over the Casper Aquifer, which provides at least half of our community’s drinking water.

Topics to be covered include the basic geology of the Casper Aquifer Protection Area, the importance of preventing contamination of our drinking water aquifer, and the zoning regulations the county could use to stop the gas station from re-opening.

“Gas stations now are prohibited within the aquifer protection area, and for good reason,” said Sarah Gorin, ACCWA vice-president. “Re-opening this gas station means that 33,000 gallons of fuel will be constantly sitting right on top of our drinking water aquifer.”

 ACCWA believes that the Albany County Zoning Resolution now in place gives the county the authority to address the threat presented by re-starting operations at the former gas station.

An extensive library of documents pertaining to protection of the Casper Aquifer can be found on ACCWA’s website at For more information, email [email protected].