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Albany County Clean Water Advocates – formerly Citizens for Clean Water – organized in 2007 to protect the Casper Aquifer from a housing/golf course development. The Casper Aquifer provides about 50% of Laramie’s drinking water supply (the other half comes from the Laramie River) and 100% of the water for people near the city with wells in the aquifer. Our goal is to prevent deterioration of drinking water in the Laramie community. Deterioration occurs when contaminants such as septic system effluent (including pharmaceuticals and personal care products), road runoff, pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and chemical spills/disposal make their way into the aquifer.

The Casper Aquifer recharge area east of Laramie is where the aquifer is exposed at the surface, collecting rain, snow and anything else that happens to be there. Numerous fractures and cracks allow any substance present at the surface to percolate down into our drinking water.


Next Steps…

Albany County Clean Water Advocates meets monthly. Contact us for information about current meeting times and locations, as well as what we’re doing to protect our local water resources.


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