Important Documents related to the Casper Aquifer

CAPP: Casper Aquifer Protection Plan
CAPA: Casper Aquifer Protection Area
APOZ: Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone


Albany County

Both Albany County and the City of Laramie have developed a “Casper Aquifer Protection Plan” and regulations to implement those plans.  There was a single, jointly-developed Protection Plan prior to 2008.  There are now two separate, but similar plans.  The vast majority (approximately 97%) of the Casper Aquifer Protection Area is solely within the jurisdiction of Albany County government, although the small portion within City of Laramie jurisdiction has proportionately higher development pressure.

The Casper Aquifer Protection Plan was approved by the Albany County Board of Commissioners in 2011. This is the most recent update of the plan first developed in 2000 by an extensive team of community volunteers and adopted jointly by Albany County and the City of Laramie.  Subsequent to a 2008 update of the plan for the city, the county undertook an independent update to produce the present county document.  Most of the plan is the same as originally developed.

The map to accompany the Albany County Casper Aquifer Protection Plan. Note that Albany County’s version of the western boundary of the aquifer protection area is different than the City of Laramie’s version.  This county map reflects the initial approximation of the boundary by the hydrogeologists  working on the original City/County CAPP in 2000.  It does not reflect data or analysis available since that date, and is known to be in error with respect to the written boundary criteria in the Albany County CAPP in several areas.  [map yet to be loaded]

Albany County Zoning Resolution
General Update Effective October 1, 2015.  This is the actual regulation that implements the CAPP.  Chapter 3, Section D establishes the County Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone (APOZ).  The resolution was most recently updated in 2012; the 2015 changes were clerical.

The City of Laramie objections to the draft Albany County aquifer protection zoning regulations from July 20, 2012. Given that no changes in the final county regulations were made in response to these comments, they are equally relevant to the current (2017) regulations.  [yet to be loaded]

City of Laramie

The Casper Aquifer Protection Plan approved by the Laramie City Council in 2008. This is the most recent city update of the plan first developed in 2000 by an extensive team of community volunteers.  The 2008 update was the work of a consultant hired by the city.  Most of the plan is the same as originally developed.

The current (2017) City of Laramie ordinance implementing the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan. Enrolled Ordinance No. 1527, “An Ordinance to Replace Laramie Municipal Code Chapter 17.82 the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone in its Entirety for the Long Term Protection of the City of Laramie’s Municipal Water Supply”.

Map to accompany the City of Laramie aquifer protection ordinance.

City of Laramie Casper Aquifer Protection Plan Overview

WWC Sewer StudySlides 

2009 Monitoring Report

Spring 2010 Monitoring Report

Monitor Well Project Completion Report

Hinckley Monitor Well Project Presentation

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