The City of Laramie Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) ultimately decided that they would not “relax” the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan (Table 15.08.040.A Prohibited Activities.)  list of prohib uses

The proposal to relax Prohibited Uses was based on a memo by a city consultant and supported by City Planning staff. The memo and subsequent staff proposal would have allowed application to develop over the Aquifer and allow for “Project Specific Report Eligibility.”

If this recommendation had been adopted, developers could have bypassed the prohibited activities to allow use and storage of hazardous materials over the aquifer. The final decision means that new businesses that use or store hazardous wastes will not be allowed to operate over the aquifer.

This decision was recommended by the Environmental Advisory Committee, urged by ACCWA and hundreds of citizens in petitions, letters to the editor, and attendance at scheduled meetings and was finally made by the City P&Z.