Our Mission

To prevent deterioration of drinking water in the Laramie area.
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Who We Are

Concerned citizens of Laramie and Albany County, Wyoming.
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View of the City of Laramie from the Casper Aquifer location.
Photo credit: Bern Hinckley
View of Laramie from the Casper Aquifer. Photo credit: Bern Hinckley


About 60% of the water supplied to Laramie residents comes from the Casper Aquifer. In addition, several hundred residents near the city depend on the Casper Aquifer for 100% of their drinking water.

Locally, the Casper Aquifer is recharged in the area extending approximately from Boulder Drive to the Laramie Range east of the city.

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Groundwater flow of water through the Casper Aquifer
Recharge map 2